Träumen wir? Ist das ein Trip? Vielleicht sind die Collagen von Sammy Slabbinck DER Trip, den wir alle manchmal fahren sollten. Versunken in seinen tiefgründigen, einfach großartig zu betrachtenden Werken, geben wir uns dem Belgier hin.



DER NÉNÉ STECKBRIEF – Künstler, Fotografen, Autoren ziehen blank. Oder tun so. 


What’s your name?

  • Sammy Slabbinck


How old do you feel?

  • Today ,  38


Where do you live?

  • Bruges, Belgium


How do you pay your bills?

  • By exchanging money


What is your greatest addiction?

  • Creating


What could you live without?

  • Noise



  • It wasn’t me!


What’s coming?

  • Tomorrow


Which alcoholic beverage can you no longer drink?

  • Jenever


What went really shitty?

  • Getting up last Sunday


What has yet to be invented?

  • Hoover board


Last meal?

  • Never say last, be optimistic


Why do you have friends?

  • Ask them ( or Siri )


Why do people hate you?

  • Because they chose not to like me


Who would you like to photograph nude?


Analog or digital?

  • Analog of course !


Tits or ass?

  • Left of right arm ?

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