Mariel Cortés


Ob die Frauen überhaupt gemerkt haben, dass Mariel Cortés dabei war, als diese Bilder entstanden sind? So entrückt und gleichzeitig völlig bei sich wirken die Modelle in der detaillosen und kühlen Kulisse der Bilder. Erhaben über den Ort, an dem sie sind. Wir denken beim Anblick an eine einsame Welt, die nichts übrig gelassen hat als geradlinige Schönheit. Und es fehlt uns nichts.


DER NÉNÉ STECKBRIEF – Künstler, Fotografen, Autoren ziehen blank. Oder tun so. 


What’s your name?

  • Mariel Cortés


How old do you feel?

  • Sometimes like a 40 years old woman and sometimes just like a teenager, but I’m just 26.


Where do you live?

  • In a mushroom located in Mexico City.


How do you pay your bills?

  • I work in a production company as still photographer for movies and some things in production. When I have luck I make money as a freelancer photographer.


What is your greatest addiction?

  • Coffee and cigarettes, even if that is a movie and it sounds pretentious.


What could you live without?

  • I could definitely live without salads.


What’s coming?

  • I would like to know that.


Which alcoholic beverage can you no longer drink?

  • Now I feel like a teenager that can drink all.


What went really shitty?

  • Age.


What has yet to be invented?

  • Something I can’t think about for an interview.


Last meal?

  • Pizza and beer.


Why do you have friends?

  • Because I have to be a normal human being.


Why do people hate you?

  • Because they have to be normal human beings.


Who would you like to photograph nude?

  • Normal people. Submissions are open.


Analog or digital?

  • Digital for work, analog for hobbie.


Tits or ass?

  • The full package, or personality at least.

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