Arnaud Ele & Nadia Tarra


Ein Kollektiv, das die Liebe zur Fotografie und zum jeweiligen Partner oder auch seiner Körperteile teilt. Das kann nur funktionieren. So wie bei Nadia und Arnaud aus der Schweiz.Die Bilder des Pärchens strahlen jugendliche Freiheit aus; sie sind sorglos, ehrlich und naiv – das sollten sie wahren.


DER NÉNÉ STECKBRIEF – Künstler, Fotografen, Autoren ziehen blank. Oder tun so. 


What’s your name?

  • Arnaud Ele and Nadia Tarra


How old do you feel?

  • Sometimes we feel very young, sometimes very old !


Where do you live?

  • We live in the Swiss mountains


How do you pay your bills?

  • We sell peanuts at the market in Cameroon J


What is your greatest addiction?

  • Arnaud’s addiction is Nadia’s cheeks
  • Nadia’s addiction is Arnaud’s ass


What could you live without?

  • We just live, we don’t need more!



  • Sometimes we put out our phones and we stay all day at home to make love


What’s coming?

  • We have books publishing projects. And everyday we want to make people dream with our new images


Which alcoholic beverage can you no longer drink?

  • Mojito Party !!!


What went really shitty?

  • Pay bills


What has yet to be invented?

  • A world without bills, just with love and fun J


Last meal?

  • Onion and tomato salad


Why do you have friends?

  • Because we have peanuts and mojito at home


Why do people hate you?

  • Because Arnaud is black and has a big dick J


Who would you like to photograph nude?

  • Everyone


Analog or digital?

  • Analog


Tits or ass?

  • Tits and ass :)

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