Garrett Williams


Bilder wie aus einem Film Noir. Garrett Williams liebt selbstbewusste Frauen; besonders wenn sie dabei nackt sind. Wir lieben seine Fotos, weil sie nach Jazz klingen und Zigarren duften.



DER NÉNÉ STECKBRIEF – Künstler, Fotografen, Autoren ziehen blank. Oder tun so. 


What’s your name?

  • Garrett Williams

How old do you feel?

  • 20

Where do you live?

  • Dallas Texas.

How do you pay your bills?

  • Photography and odd jobs.

What is your greatest addiction?

  • Candy and shooting film

What could you live without?

  • Removing dust from film scans and scanning film


  • I love models that are comfortable nude, nothing beats a confident women with no clothes.

What’s coming?

  • More printed work and working on publishing my own zine of my work.

Which alcoholic beverage can you no longer drink?

  • I Don’t drink

What went really shitty?

  • Developing my own film, fucked up so many rolls of film.

What has yet to be invented?

  • The perfect formula for achieving everything you want.

Last meal?

  • Fajitas

Why do you have friends?

  • To bounce ideas off of and have people be honest to me when a photo sucks.

Why do people hate you?

  • I’m kind of a dick

Who would you like to photograph nude?

  • Madonna back in the early 90’s. She was so fucking hot.

Analog or digital?

  • Analog

Tits or ass?

  • Why not both?

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