Ophelie Rondeau


Die Französin gesteht ihren Faible für Justin Bieber und Mädchen! „Ophelie and the girls“ nennt sie sich und ihre analogen Arbeiten,die Frauen jeglicher Herkunft, Hautfarbe und Form zeigen. Sie zeigen aber nicht nur leicht bekleidete Körper, sondern vielmehr Freundschaft, Liebe und natürliche Schönheit.


DER NÉNÉ STECKBRIEF – Künstler, Fotografen, Autoren ziehen blank. Oder tun so. 


What’s your name?

  • Ophelie

How old do you feel?

  • Sometimes 16, sometimes 40

Where do you live?

  • Currently London, soon Berlin

How do you pay your bills?

  • I don’t!

I’m in trouble what’s your greatest addiction?

  • VHS (video cassettes)

What could you live without? alcohol

  • Confess!

Justin Bieber is hot

  • What’s coming? i’ve started making videos of #ophelieandthegirls!

Which alcoholic beverage can you no longer drink?

  • Whiskey and coke

What went really shitty?

  • Me exercising every morning

What has yet to be invented?

  • Low cost flights between Europe and every other continents

Last meal?

  • Entrée : duck rillettes + beef carpaccio, main : confit duck, fromage : baked camembert, desert : peaches.

Why do you have friends?

  • I don’t have many real friends and it’s great like that.

Why do people hate you?

  • Because they haven’t seen it coming.

Who would you like to photograph nude?

  • Jack Dawson

Analog or digital?

  • A-N-A-L-O-G

Tits or ass?

  • Tits



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